What must I do?

An excerpt from my philosophy of education originally written in 2010, revised in 2013.


I must foster a culture of learning, collaboration, and innovation. Educators must prepare learners for a future that they create. Our job as educators is to break down the barriers that hinder learners from engaging in the creative process. What separates American education from the rest of the world? We produce innovators and creators! Since we have this advantage, we must foster a stronger environment that supports unique learning experiences, promotes authentic collaboration, and stimulates innovation.  I firmly believe that we can achieve these goals by building stronger connections with colleagues and learners through sharing our storiestalents, and our purpose.

We all have a story and it’s important to empower others share it. It is my deepest desire for my learning community to share my genuine passion for learner and educator success in the classroom. I became a Spanish teacher because I yearned to have an impact on student learning in the Spanish language. Leaving high school, I was not the perfect honors scholar, nor did I receive the best grades. Yet, I still received a chance to further my education at a recognized institution and departed from the university as an honors student. I can relate to both sides of the academic spectrum in order to give all students a more realistic view of themselves as a learner who will succeed! It is my wish that learners will not only see me as their administrator, but also see me as a role model. My goal is always that my story will inspire a learner or a colleague. Understanding the power of transparency, I desire to motivate my colleagues to tell their story and allow a more meaningful learner-educator interaction.

We all have a talent and it’s important to share it. As a student, my teachers assumed that I was mocking their profession when I would boldly proclaim that I wanted to be a teacher. I never understood their reaction until I became a colleague of other teachers and realized that I had a different schooling experience — behaviorally at least. If only my teachers could have seen beyond my behavioral issues in class to know me as a learner, I genuinely believe my middle school and high school years would have been more meaningful. My talent as an educator is remembering and drawing from those frequently unpleasant moments to guide my interactions with learners and colleagues. As a result of those experiences, I adore building relationships and making meaningful connections with all stakeholders in the learning community; I want each individual to know that I am in tune with his/her personality and style. I can only imagine the limitless possibilities if all educators valued and shared their talents with other educators. I desire to inspire my colleagues to share their talent and reveal a network of talented educators.

We all have a creative purpose. Being an educator is the heartbeat of my life. My greatest accomplishments as a Spanish teacher were reflected in my learners: when Cameron recorded a hip hop song about his experience in my class; when Madison adores volunteering in the Hispanic community; when Chris spent a gap year studying Spanish in Argentina; or when Morgan enrolled in an educator preparatory program to become a Spanish teacher. These accomplishments are the sounds that echo my purpose for education and motivate me daily to be the influence in the lives of educators and learners. As the instructional leader of a learning community, I desire to encourage educators to explore their purpose so that they can create learning environments that evoke the same passions from learners.

We have two goals in education: to help our students maximize their learning potential and to help them become world-class citizens in an ever-changing society. Though our task presents difficult obstacles, we must continue to meet our goals for the sake of our students and for the advancement of our nation!

3 Comments on “What must I do?

  1. I love your two goals for education, I think they are universal goals that all teachers must meet. What do you think/find are the biggest obstacles for you/your school?

    • I think being able to manage this responsibility in a 3000-learner high school is a challenge. You are right; these represent best practice. But how we manage this responsibility on a wide scale is difficult to accomplish….but we try anyway. 🙂 What about on your campus?

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