Guiding my classroom #SAVMP

I have embraced a new call for education: Learners succeed in a future they create! This is our guiding principle at my high school in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and it has infused itself into my core beliefs and challenged me to prepare future-ready learners. But, how can I prepare learners for a future they will create?

  • Educators and learners must be risk-takers. Everyone must always challenge “old ideas” and try something different and innovative. When it does not work out (because failure is inevitable), apply that wisdom to construct a new idea. When it does work out (because success will come), merge that wisdom with another idea. Innovation and creativity should never cease  and must be nurtured and developed. I believe this is a vital component to our success as a nation!
  • Angela Maiers, an author and a motivational speaker, recently inspired my colleagues and I at our district convocation about #LiberatingGenius. Her message connected with my core and confirmed what I must do in education. Born with an innate purpose, we must recognize the “genius” in each other, so that we empower each other to share our purpose, talent, and stories with the world. Our system must allow educators and learners to develop and follow their passions and purpose in order to effect change in our world. Whether the impact is academic, personal, professional, or relational, we must recognize and not be afraid to share our God-given “genius”.
  • The educator-learner relationship is reciprocal. We are all learners and we are all educators.  We must value the knowledge and experience of each other in order to collectively gain a global network of expertise. We must inspire our educators and learners to engage in both roles to construct meaning that can positively impact our society.

In addition to my beliefs, this is my ever-evolving vision for my learning community this school year.

Please, share your thoughts...

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