The Power of WHY

How often have you sat in a faculty meeting or read an e-mail, and thought: “Here we go again.”?

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With one foot in the administrative world and the other out, I recognize the frustration that teachers feel when one more thing is added to their plate. On the other hand, I witness the pressure that administrators receive to accomplish a task or goal. The real question: do administrators and teachers really understand each other’s perspective?

The disconnect lies with “the why.” More often than not, teachers have no idea why they have to complete a flipped classroom presentation within a week’s time or attend a mandatory session on new district updates. They may not realize that administrators just received word about the new mandates or that a flipped classroom presentation will redeem more instructional time. As I continue this year, I challenge myself and my colleagues to understand “the why” even when there is a disconnect. We all work with phenomenal individuals. Sometimes, we just need to pause to align our thoughts: what’s best for our kiddos!

3 Comments on “The Power of WHY

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  2. That is an important topic. Most Teachers resent workshops and professional development if they do not understand the importance. Too many faculty meetings are like that. It is important that there is dialog and that everyone knows the why!

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