Transparency leads to Trust

One of my core beliefs and values as an educator and future administrator is the power of authenticity. As a campus leader, it’s important that I model what I expect of others. My desire for others’ success must be revealed through my actions and decisions as a leader. There should not be any secrets and closed-door meetings should be limited to ensure that all stakeholders buy into and understand the purpose at hand. “The Why” should be clear and at least understood by all. Tangible acts demonstrate trust. As cliché as it may be, actions do speak louder than words. I firmly believe that transparency leads to a meaningful trust — and represents exactly how I plan to earn the trust of my colleagues as a school administrator.

Image(image source: AccountingWeb)

In response to week 3 SAVMP post on Trust

One Comment on “Transparency leads to Trust

  1. Yes that is true. Transparency leads to converations and learning. I think that is one of the main benefits of soial media today!

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