**This was unpublished draft since September** from the SAVMP. I thought I published it months ago, but I guess I did not. A real sign to reconnect.

About a month or two ago George Couros, an inspirational technologically-driven instructional leader, presented the Twitter world with an amazing opportunity to form a mentor-mentor experience (yes, I definitely said that right… mentor to mentor). It’s the School Admin Virtual Mentor Program. He inspired us to share our experiences through blogging, twitter, etc. about leading and learning in our learning communities.

The unique aspect is that my colleagues in my group are from all over the world: Ann is our mentor and the director of professional learning of her school in Norway – Yes, Oslo Norway. Her breadth of experience is amazing, as she was recently featured on the Future of Education and highlighted Ann’s students achievements. Super cool! In addition to learning with Ann, I have the pleasure to learn with an great fellow ‘mentees’ as well. Prue is a lead English teacher in Australia. I have been eavesdropping on her blog and I am so in impressed with her thoughts on student engagement and really connecting with real life learning situations. Dominic, in his new position as the Director of Student Activities, exudes passion for learning. He is all about voice and choice, and we’ve had some great conversation (limited, but great) on Twitter and other communication platforms. I am amazed that simply ‘stalking’ the lives of these individuals, I am able to gain so much.

My current principal once told me about, what I’ve coined, the salad bowl effect of leadership – that  I should take a bit from everyone that I encounter to create my own bowl of leadership. I am glad that my new ingredients are so helpful (I hope they don’t mind being food analogies). I just wanted to pause and reflect on the last few weeks. The resources and conversation have been amazing — even within the network of #SAVMP educators. It’s great learning.

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