My Vision Expression

My career as an educator and leader in secondary schools has taught me that learning must be relevant and passion-driven in order to captivate a learner’s mind. I seek to foster an environment in which learners and educators are innovative, collaborative, and technology experts in the learning process. As an educational leader, I strive to inspire our learners and educators to positively contribute and impact our global society. Such an environment cultivates critical thinkers and problem solvers who are confident enough to address the undiscovered challenges of our future. I am a change agent — modeling risk-taking and a deep commitment to education transformation for our  all stakeholders in the learning community. My passion for educational administration and technology integration has inspired me to seek a relevant and meaningful leadership position – one in which I am able to continue challenging and redefining the ever-changing educational model in new ways in order to ensure that our learners succeed in a future they create throughout the world. I am eager to translate my experiences to the administrative level, particularly in high performing learning community, where educators and learners possess open-mindedness, a deep global awareness, and the highest standards of academic excellence to ensure a well-rounded educational experience. 

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