Week 19 #SAVMP The Art of Delegation


image source: soft9000.com (Randall Nagy)

As an aspiring administrator, the art of delegation may be one of my weakness. However, over the years, I have seen the effects of one who delegates well and the opposite of effective delegation. My fear to delegate centers around the task being done incorrectly. In the post this week, Amber Teamann (an awesome tech-guru I met at Ed Camp/Elementary Principal/connected Twitter friend) helped me build confidence in not wasting time overworking, but also choosing the right workers to support the task.

We always have our go-to people at all levels (students, parents, teachers, etc.). These exemplars are ones that are trustworthy and do not need to be micromanaged. If my expectations are clear and I continuously check in to provide support as needed, the task will be achieved…simply because of the drive and abilities these individuals possess. In the classroom, great teachers do not leave students to fend for themselves without scaffolding and checking for understanding; likewise, great leaders do not leave others to finish alone.

The more that I, as a future leader, can leverage teacher leaders on campus, the more time I will be able to spend in classrooms and build a learner-centered campus culture….the art of delegation.

One Comment on “Week 19 #SAVMP The Art of Delegation

  1. The art of delegation is not an easy task! Look forward to hearing your reflections on this later on! I think I’m a little of the opposite! There are some tasks I really need to prioritize, I tend to focus on what is fun and exciting! Trying to divide my time between teachers, students and contacts outside school. The latter probably takes too much of my time!

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