Voice & Choice – Article on Innovative Teaching

In response to my last post, this article was written by my school newspaper (source link below). Here is a snippet:

Learner voice and choice is a new teaching style that has been starting to develop in varying classroom in the high school. From geometry to French to anatomy, teachers have been developing their craft to the students liking. Anthony Poullard, a second year staff member and Spanish teacher, has decided to take part.

In Poullard’s Academy classes, he is showing his students his what he has planned for each section they learn and is provided direct feedback from his students. Caussey said this is a brave and rare choice among teachers because it requires him not to be afraid of what they might say.

“I see it more like a collaboration between me and my students,” Poullard said. “I get to say ‘hey guys, this is what I want you to learn and how I want you to learn it, so how do you feel about that? I ask them if it incorporates their passions and how they think it will help them in the future.”

Poullard was originally inspired when he went to an academy meeting and was told that there was always more that he (and other teachers) could be doing to incorporate his learners opinions.

“Most teachers assume what students want but they never really consider us in their decision. Poullard is taking us aside and asking us what we want to do. He’s changes the curriculum to match us, so I think it helps us a lot, as students,” sophomore Zane Erickson said. “It’s better for us because it’s what we think we need and not what teachers decide what we need, so I learn better this way.”

Although Erickson is not alone in enjoying this approach, Poullard amends that not all students were as involved so quickly.

“Some of my students weren’t as verbal at first but after they saw other learners telling me about activities they liked via Twitter and lunch meetings, they quickly became willing and engaged in the process,” Poullard said.

Source: Coppell Student Media

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