Your SAMR is not My SAMR

We, as educators, are all at different levels of understanding technology integration. I found the visual below on the SAMR model that steps away from giving specific examples of Substitution, Augmentation, Modification, and Redefinition and instead highlights how the technology use will be improved/modified. Although it’s easy to have specified examples of what each one would look like, it’s also easy to get trapped within the SAMR model.

Here is some food for thought: an example in the substitution category today was an example in the redefinition category two years ago because the access and utilization of technology have advanced. If we only focused on the examples from the past, we would actually reverse progression on the model based on today’s expectations. Instead of looking at SAMR as a checklist for completion, it should be viewed as a fluid tool and treated similarly to a continuous improvement model to help make technological decision within learning design.

Here is a graphic to guide deeper understanding and evaluation of SAMR on a individualized level to help to guide the educator. Remember, your SAMR is not necessarily my SAMR.



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