Technology on the Learning Continuum

I had an ‘ah ha’ moment in my last few years of teaching as it relates to technology integration in the classroom. I realized the use of technology to support a teacher evaluation checklist was paralyzing as it relates to the educational purpose of technology. I began to think about how to repurpose the use and integration of technology in my class. I asked the following any time I employed a tool in my classroom:

How does this preferred tool impact the learning continuum? 

I always evaluated how will this tool advance the student forward on the learning continuum. Will he/she understand the concept better if I use the tool? How will I deepen his/her understanding with this integration?

Here are a few of the examples from my high school campus of impacting the learning continuum:

  • Using Reflector in order to project student work and provide realtime feedback for learning
  • Using a voice-to-text application in foreign language classrooms in order to improve pronunciation
  • Using SKYPE or Google Hangout to collaborate with a person or an organization to serve as an authentic source
  • Using PhotoMath to scan a math problem and get step-by-step instructions to solve problems or check homework
  • Using the various share options of Thinglink to create unique ThinkingMaps
  • Using a video recording tool to self-record before a presentation to evaluate audible features and physical mannerisms
  • Using a video recording tool to record and evaluate the steps of a science lab before performing the experiment
  • Using iBooks Authors to partner with students to create a relevant & meaningful learning resource for the class, providing a live resource for learning

Let’s continue to ideate unique ways to advance learning for students with technology…and share those ideas. Always push to think about how learning would be without the use of the selected tool.

Please, share your thoughts...

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