Advice for Thought

When I began my most recent appointment as the freshman assistant principal at Coppell High School, I approached it with wisdom and advice from a colleague that has fueled my year.

Always…think like a teacher; serve like Christ; and act like “Anthony”

These words have resonated powerfully as a campus administrator. It’s easy to lose perspective about our role as administrators, but these tenets highlight the core of our response as campus leaders.

  • As administrators, we can never forget our roots. The most frequent compliant from classroom educators towards administrators is that we have forgotten what it means to be in the trenches of learning and motivating our young people within the classroom. This is false! However, we have to prove that it is false! It’s our duty to not just say it, but live it out in our daily interactions. It’s essential that we strategically remember to think like a teacher in order to provide the necessary support and the revitalizing empathy that our educators need.

Once a teacher

  • Our duty in life to serve and love others – my educators, learners, administrative team, community stakeholders, etc. Although it can be difficult and time consuming, I make a conscious effort to not overburden classroom educators with things that are within my control. I ask: What can I do to assist? How can I make a difference right now? In what ways can I step in to ease the pressure? Ultimately, my goal is to pursue Christ’s core – servanthood – in all that I do. The more opportunities that I can serve my school community, the more that I am fulfilling my purpose.


  • Authenticity remains a core of my educational leadership philosophy. I must be faithful to my values and belief system. It’s essential that my school community sees “Anthony” in all situations – providing consistency and known expectations. Being ourselves is equally important as being leaders. And, what I love the most about act like “Anthony is it’s adaptability to anyone. It reverberates an old truth: just be yourself.

source: deviantart

This is the backbone of my vision and career in education. It provides the outlook, energy and accountability needed to impact change in my areas of influence.

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