Twitter Learning – #TweetGrowth

Twitter is a great resource for professional learning. But similar to anything that I want to learn, if I do not have transfer goals to bring life and meaning to information, I will never truly learn it. My Twitter Growth Challenge: to reflect on this month’s top 5 favorites a/o retweets from Twitter! As always, I am excited about the opportunity to not only continue to curate information that is relevant to my learning, but also evoking purposeful reflection of the 140 character microblogs that I believe are the most meaningful.


The tweet: At an administrator conference, Dave Burgess, author of Teach like a Pirate, emphasized the importance of building engaging components throughout a lesson to captivate their attention. And, at the PEAK of engagement, when students are most invested, is the ideal moment to deliver the content and information for the lesson. Casey’s tweet can be found here: click here

My application: I have shared this story with educators and tweaked how I deliver content/information with staff members.


The tweet: Barry highlights his school’s mission statement: Learners inspiring learners to be inquisitive in life, principled in character, and bold in vision. Learners (students, educators, administrators) drive the inspiration of this mission statement. The tweet can be found here: click here

My application: I believe in the practicality and the purposeful nature of this statement. It’s not fluff – it leads to meaningful affirmation when recognized.


The tweet: Craig highlights how to manage the fast pace of a high functioning Twitter chat with tools and strategies to gain the full benefit of a Twitter chat. The tweet can be found here: click here

My application: I am developing a Twitter-based professional learning community for our school. In an effort to explore other options to manage the fast pace of the Twitter world, I’ve started using Tweetdeck with chats.


The tweet: During #txeduchat, Sanee made a great point about stepping outside of comfort zones – “being comfortable with being uncomfortable by leaning into discomfort.” The tweet can be found here: click here

My application: This is a great reminder to take risks, step out of my comfort zone, and partner with others to accomplish change.


The tweet: During a #txeduchat, Tracy shared these words as food for thought. The tweet can be found here: click here

The application: This is my reminder that it’s not bad to shift gears or change the momentum in another direction – when the timing & context are appropriate.

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