Redefine the Administrator’s Classroom

It’s time we upgrade professional learning! In Education, we are frequently reminded of lackluster professional learning opportunities provided for teachers.


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Similar to inviting students to the learning design table, we must integrate the needs of the campus into these learning opportunities. Contrary to what’s expected in the educator’s classroom, administrators & campus leaders brainstorm, develop, and execute plans that do not integrate learner and educator voices in the process – who are the primary recipients of these opportunities. We must emulate what’s desired in an educator’s classroom by restructuring the administrator’s classroom.

Administrator’s Mindset Shift 

  1. Start small – think of opportunities to do with one department first. Let the momentum spread into the campus.
  2. Consider genuine needs -think beyond what the campus needs or district expectations. Think about what each educator needs for his or her classroom.
  3. Take a risk – acknowledge the uncharted waters and reinforce the power of risk-taking. Remember it’s okay to #failforward – but stakeholders need to see administrators taking risks.
  4. Listen well – learn from everyone! Get feedback from everyone! Publicly share and intentionally integrate the feedback into future ideas.
  5. Have fun – when did learning become a drag? Spice it up! Let loose! The power of fun is in your [administrator] hands!

Ideas to Start Redefinition

  1. Bring everyone together – Convene a diverse committee of educators, administrators, parents, and students. Ask what would they want to see for professional learning on campus.
  2. Value learning design models used in educator’s classroom – Start with the end in mind. With what big understanding do you want educators to walk away? Develop essential/driving questions to guide the purpose and learning.
  3. Incorporate choices – Do not think “one-side-fits-all” – it’s an easy model to execute, but definitely is not effective. Create a diverse pool of options driven by stakeholder voice and passion. Customize learning for as many educators as possible.
  4. Change staff meetings – Not another “sit and listen”…ever! Why waste precious time? Flip the meetings and ideate what more could be done with the attention and presence of every staff member on campus at the same time.

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