2016 #OneWord: heed

heed: to pay attention to ; to give consideration to

In seeing others’ posts, I wanted to join the conversation concerning my #OneWord for 2016 that I will use to calibrate my day-to-day endeavors. While it took a few weeks of thoughtful consideration, my goal this year is to pay closer attention to the environment around me. It’s no secret that we can easily become entrenched in our daily lives. However, I want to give special consideration to the aspects of my professional and personal lives that I may carelessly overlook (unintentionally).

relevant synonyms: to be aware, to be cognizant, to be conscious, to be mindful, to notice, to observe

Heed is #OneWord that will guide and shape my experiences this year. The synonyms above are the reminders of the power of this word. The intentionality of this word strengthens my ability to connect with others, reflect on my experiences, and make a meaningful difference in how I respond to the world around me.  My hope is that it naturally manifests itself into actions and responses within my daily interactions.

What does this look like for me ?

Listening more carefully to understand others and situations.
Being more empathetic and placing myself in the shoes of others.
Strategically abandoning excess to maximize output.
Setting more time aside to rejuvenate.


One Comment on “2016 #OneWord: heed

  1. This is a very good post which will lead me to be a bit more reflective about my #OneWord. This could really make a positive impact.

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