The Power of NOW – No Opportunity Wasted

Rarely do I find myself drafting a blog post not knowing where it will begin or end.

A few months ago, I attended a Region 10 APLA (assistant principal leadership academy) training during which the presenter reminded us of the power of now – the power of being alive and present in the moments of life. He questioned, why wait/delay when now is the tangible reality? The idea of ‘no opportunity wasted’ resounds deeply as we do not know what plans life has for us.

This morning, I received this text from a friend reacting to very tragic news: “this really puts life into perspective of how small everything is around us.” This resonated with me as life frequently provides difficult reminders of the power of now. How many reminders does life have to give me before I listen? It’s easy to shape this into an educational post or even make it about me and my current situation. However, the reflection on “now” requires a deeper, introspective, and personalized approach that cannot be explained or designed via a blog post.

So I end with this: In the spirit of ‘now’, I challenged myself to explore opportunities in my life that cannot be wasted any longer – Family, Friends, Colleagues, Health, Faith, Relationships, Job, Passions.

The time is now.


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