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Leading & Learning


Professional Development Seminar Descriptions 

  • Classroom Management in Student-led Environments – Coppell ISD (2015): facilitated a round table discussion with new district educators from all levels on tips & tricks to develop a student-led environment and classroom management do’s and dont’s.
  • Developing Student Leadership (community) – Coppell ISD (2014/2015): partnered with The City of Coppell & The Coppell Chambers of Commerce as the Coppell High School liaison to develop and execute leadership seminars that helped propel young leaders into future leadership opportunities within our school and global community.
  • Developing Student Leadership (campus) – Coppell ISD (2014/2015): facilitated leadership training for 25 selected student leaders using Strengths Based Leadership by Tom Rath over a series of 7 in-school sessions.
  • EduSlam Apps – Coppell ISD (2013/2014): featured on Coppell ISD’s EduSlam as a guest speaker to the school district for the CG3 Initiative on using meaningful technology to enhance and support the learning experience across all content areas.
  • Social Media in Today’s Classroom – Coppell ISD (2013): trained and supported 40 educators in all subjects and content areas on how to design learning experiences to engage learners in their social media worlds – media platforms included Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, as well as the importance of hash tags in a learning environment (presentation)
  • Technology Integration in Candidacy Capstone Presentations – Dallas Baptist University (2013): trained 30 university officials on the integration of technology-enhanced capstone presentations per a request by the Educational Leadership Program Director. Session highlighted relevancy, purpose, and logistical implementation of a multimedia platform rollout for all Master degree candidates
  • Web 2.0 Tools for in the Elementary Classroom – Rosas Private School – Houston, Texas (2013): trained and supported 15 educators in a K-5 learning environment as a private technology consultant. Presentation highlighted Web 2.0 tools that strengthen 21st Century learning skills
  • Dual Degree Candidacy – Capstone Presentation – Dallas Baptist University (2013): defended dual degree candidacy to the university Educator Preparation Board, which included the dean of College of Education, program directors, and tenured professors – presentations highlighted relevant experiences and philosophies to support degree candidacy using a multimedia platform and my iPad to facilitate the presentation (presentation)
  • Google Integration in the Classroom – Region 10 Technology Conference (2013): trained over 50 educators at the Region 10 Education Service Center Technology Conference on the effective use of Google Apps for Education in the classroom, including student-driven use of Google sites, Google Docs, and Google forms
  • Your LOTE Classroom and the iPad – Coppell ISD (2012): trained and supported LOTE educators on innovative ways to integrate iPads for language acquisition in a 1:1 environment – presentation included applicable applications (apps) and web-based platforms
  • Engaging our Community for LOTE Educators – Coppell ISD (2012): presented opportunities and ideas to engage our local and global Spanish-speaking communities to foreign language teachers
  • SMART Software Training for Educators – Coppell ISD (2011): presented on SMART software to basic and advanced users, including SMART Notebook and SMART Response using the interactive SMARTboard to over 100 staff members
  • How to Communicate Effectively with Parents – Coppell ISD (2011): presented to new teachers referred by the campus principal on increasing parental involvement in the learning process by developing a correspondence plan that not only summarizes the weekly objectives and future assessments, but also specifies upcoming learner expectations
  • Foreign Language Best Practices & Technology Presentation – Coppell ISD (2010): presented to all foreign language instructors in the school district regarding 21st century activities to engage the digital learner. The activities spotlighted best practices that focus on performance standards and are centered around the educational use of Web 2.0 technology, such as social networking sites, blogs, video sharing, and various web applications in the classroom



Key Personal and Professional Development

  • IMPACT Administrator – Coppell ISD (2014/2015): Led by the district superintendents,  campus administrators met on a bimonthly basis in order to learn to manage and  impact meaningful change within campus & district affairs.
  • Crucial Conversations – Coppell ISD (2013): A two-day seminar that taught skills for creating alignment and agreement by fostering open dialogue around high-stakes, emotional, or risky topics, such as parent-teacher conflicts, grading decisions, employee complaints, etc.—at all levels of within an organization
  • iPadpalooza – Austin, Texas (2013): A learning festival that focused on creativity, social collaboration, engagement and the compelling ways schools have integrated iPads into their classrooms, emphasizing best practices in lesson design to inspire learners to create, innovate, and collaborate
  • Understanding Poverty with Ruby Payne – Texas Association of Secondary School Principals (2012): identified the hidden rules of economic class and highlighted the message that, despite the obstacles poverty can create in all types of interaction, there are specific strategies for overcoming them—providing a hopeful message for educational leaders. These strategies have revolutionized how our campus interacts with all learners
  • Apple Training with iLife Suite – Coppell ISD (2012): A two-day training with an Apple, Inc. representative in iLife Suite, including iPhoto, iMovie, and Garageband. The seminar provided hands-on opportunity to integrate iLife Suite in the lesson design
  • How to Teach Students Who Don’t Look Like You: Culturally Relevant Teaching Strategies with Dr. Bonnie Davis – Coppell ISD (2012): Through the lens of brain-based instructional strategies, this seminar explored how to create a learning community that honors every person’s voice. These strategies have impacted how educators and learners interact
  • Eric Jenson – Coppell ISD (2011): The seminar explored the 10 top brain-based instructional strategies that supersede poverty and empower learners to be successful in any learning environment. These strategies caused our educators to rethink the lesson design experience to engage all functions of the learner’s mind

 *Image source: (Derwin Gray)