The “Why” Philosophy


My career as an educator and leader in secondary schools has taught me that learning must be relevant and passion-driven in order to captivate a learner’s mind. I seek to foster an environment in which learners and educators are innovative, collaborative, and technology experts in the learning process. As an educational leader, I strive to inspire our learners and educators to positively contribute and impact our global society. Such an environment cultivates critical thinkers and problem solvers who are confident enough to address the undiscovered challenges of our future. I am a change agent — modeling risk-taking and a deep commitment to education transformation for all stakeholders in the learning community. 

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The apparent trend is that children of teachers generally become educators themselves. Since I was young boy, I have consistently been exposed to various aspects of the teaching profession. The enthusiasm and commitment revealed through my family’s actions have been written on my heart. However, through my professional experiences, I have developed my own individuality and style within the education realm, and imposed those beliefs within my daily endeavors. I believe it’s important to embody three principle aspects as an instructional leader: consistencyimpartiality, and authenticity.

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I must foster a culture of learning, collaboration, and innovation. Educators must prepare learners for a future that they create. Our job as leaders is to break down the barriers that hinder learners from engaging in the creative process. What separates American education from the rest of the world? We produce innovators and creators! Since we have this advantage, we must foster a stronger environment that supports unique learning experiences, promotes authentic collaboration, and stimulates innovation.  I firmly believe that we can achieve these goals by building stronger connections with colleagues and learners through sharing our storiestalents, and our purpose.

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